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Artist's Statement

I use my own creativity to express the essence of China’s history and culture. I traverse a historical period of art in an attempt to extricate from it its essential cultural elements. These cultural elements become the standard to which I create my own works of art. I do not, however, confine my artistic expressions to historical events alone. I instead use these cultural elements gained from historical research to also express significant events in contemporary society.

I show the similarities between contemporary culture and historical culture and connect the two; I show that historical culture has a place in contemporary society. I use my artistic creations, therefore, to depict the inner and spiritual meaning of an event, to display the meaning that exists outside of its relationship to time. 

I do this in the hope of leaving my understanding of these cultural elements for the future that will have them in an effort to help society hold on to those enigmatic timeless qualities that ultimately, yet imperceptibly, define who we are as people.
Jinyu Li artwok Meditation of Falun DaFa Exercise (1)

The Vision

Recording the most important event of the 21st century.

The spreading of Falun Dafa is the greatest occurance of the Twenty-first century. As an artist, Jinyu Li hopes to capture this glorious event with her own brush. Jinyu Li describes the benefits of Falun Dafa from three perspectives:

(A) Falun Dafa embodies the spirit and the connotation of five thousand years of the grandiose Chinese civilization

(B) The effect of Falun Dafa on people is the improvment of mental and physical health. The practice of Falun Dafa leads one to follow the laws of universe: “truthfulness, compassion and forbearance”

(C) throughout the twenty years of brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, Falun Dafa practitioners have consistently adhered to and achieved peaceful and rational means to counter the persecution, a first in human history.

 Please refer to:www.faluninfo.net,                                         

Showcasing at

The 2020 Southeast Queens Biennial

These art pieces were selected to be displayed at the The 2020 Southeast Queens Biennial in NYC.